Welcome to my site!

Welcome. This is a site for artists , everyone who loves art and hand made and personalized items.
PLUS many items You need to practice art yourself.

Ever since I became unemployed,I have been looking for an outlet for my paintings. I need a place to mingle with others who art. I joined a Art Guild in my hometown. It is nice to join together and plan Art shows and a like. I become inspired by them. Many are seniors, people of all points in life. Some just started painting. All mediums are welcome, oils, water color and acrylics. As I am sure you can find an Art Guild near you. It is very helpful so find one. Go to a art show near you and get the information.

The other thing I want to offer is a web site to sell paintings of all mediums and all art supplies so it will be a one shop stop. I am checking into the possibility of person commissioned items. The can be personalized for gifts for anyone. Things you can’t find any where. And variety of different items. And a site that is easy to navigate. It is in the process of be built , so check back frequently. Add suggestions if you like.

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